OH, IT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!

June 2010:  We begin thinking more seriously about starting the domestic adoption that we have been planning to do for awhile.

August 10th, 2010:  We watch a documentary on adoption and decide not to adopt domestically after all, but to adopt our last two kiddos from Rwanda.  Our plan (due to a medical issue) is to start the adoption process in January of 2011.

August 31st, 2010:  Rwanda closes to international adoptions.

December 15th, 2011:  I ask a friend in Rwanda whether or not she thinks we should even try to adopt two children if Rwanda does in fact reopen.

December 16th, 2011:  My friend gets back to me and says she doesn't think it is realistic to consider adopting more than one child.  We feel this confirms where God has been leading us and we decide to have another baby.

[September 14th, 2012:  Our son, Matthias is born and Nathan finally has a brother.]

Fall 2012:  We begin looking into other countries in case Rwanda never reopens.

Summer 2013:  Email a couple of agencies about the possibility of adopting in Burundi.  Decide we are still not ready to move on from Rwanda.

Summer 2014:  Decide it is time to move on from Rwanda and begin the adoption process in Burundi.

July 16th, 2014:  Hand in our adoption home study packet.

July 26th, 2014:  Have our home study.

Fall 2014:  Collect all of our documents for our dossier.

November 19, 2014:  Mail completed dossier to our agency.

Summer 2015:  Begin to renew documents set to expire.

February 18, 2016:  MATCHED.  We first learn that we have been matched with a six year old girl.  Unbelievable thankful

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