Saturday, February 4, 2017


I haven't updated in a while so I figured it was about time I did.

School seems to be going pretty well for our girl.  We got her report card last month and it was fun to learn a few things about our lady.  For one, it doesn't look like she has any major academic holes.  We've wondered about this mostly because as we get ready for her to go to school out here next year, we have wondered if she would have other issues with her schooling that we were going to need to address minus the whole learning English for the first time thing, which of course will be huge.  Other than that, it sounds like she leans towards liking math and science a bit more than the language arts.  P.E. seems to be right up her alley along with anything that involves games, including computers.  And we were once again told about how she loves to sing, which we have heard over and over.

We also learned her size which is pretty typical for her age.  In fact, she is just about the same height and weight as my nephew Owen, who is 6 months younger but in the same grade.


And you guys, she has seen a picture of us.  We still don't have a clue what she is thinking, feeling or how she reacted to it all, but still.  WOW.

Now about all the nitty gritty process stuff.

Back in December we received our Article 5, which is basically the US saying that she can immigrate to the states.  And with all the drama that is going on in our country with immigration stuff right now, we are just glad to have that done.

Now we are waiting for her paperwork (which is back in Burundi) to be readied for court.  Once it is our court date will be scheduled.  Once the court date happens we wait for the judge to sign off on it.  Once the judge signs off on it, there is a 30 day mandated wait.  Once that is over, the last push of getting her passport ready and all that is done so that we can go get her and bring her into our family.

So, it could be just a couple more months or well, who knows how long.  But we are inching closer.

If we could ask for some prayers it would specifically be that we get the court date this month.  So, we need those papers readied.  Also, pray for strength for us.  We are weary.  Not only has it been such a long process but we were dealt a huge emotional blow this last month when Anthony and I had to cancel our scheduled visit to meet her at the last minute because of visa issues.  It was devastating for us.

So pray for us.  Pray for her.  We'll take whatever you've got.

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