Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A new school!

While our papers keep getting pushed around, I have a cool bit of news to share.

We have been given the amazing opportunity to send our little lady to a Montessori school in Bujumbura so that she can begin learning English!  This is so very exciting.  Not only will she begin to learn a little English (or at least get used to hearing it) which is a bonus we never anticipated but we may also get a better picture as to where she is at educationally, which is such a gift.  Not to mention she will be eating a meal there which we are hoping will be good for her little body.

She has already started the new school, which also means that she must know that she is being adopted by a family in the US.  You guys, this gives me all sorts of feelings.  I don't know that she knows about us specifically (our lawyer will at some point be meeting with her and showing her our picture and telling her about us), but to know that she knows that she is going to be adopted...

I wonder how she feels about it.

Is she scared?



What would that be like to be almost 7 and find out that you are moving across the world to become a part of a family that you have never met?

Like I said, all sorts of feelings.

While we wait to hear how she is taking that news, we are praying that she is enjoying her new school and that God is holding her little heart and mind as she faces these major changes in her sweet little life.