Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Yesterday we received our referral! Okay, so it was all in French and isn't the translated version that we can actually sign and accept BUT it has finally been signed and stamped and signed and stamped and survived power outages and job changes and every freaking delay...and it is done. 

With the help of a french friend and Google translate, I was able to get the gist as to what the documents say without the official translation. We learned things like...

  • her given birthday
  • her full name
  • a few important dates and places

And that's about it really.

But we also got to see our names in those documents.  And words like NON-OBJECTION, which are some of the most beautiful words you can hear in the adoption world.  Seriously.

It was an awesome day.  We took the kids out to dinner to celebrate and so enjoyed the love and celebration expressed to us by our family and friends...


As it always is in adoption, there is always bitter mixed in with the sweet.  And as I read through the referral and saw words that explained a little of my girl's story, my heart broke.  She has already been through so much in her little life and my heart hurts for her...

So, what's next?

Forms and waiting.  Yep.  But it's okay because this is movement waiting, not no movement waiting and I can handle this.  Or at least handle it better.  I am filling out forms again for things like immigrant services and all sorts of gloriously boring forms that bring us closer and closer to our girl.  And I LOVE filling each one of them out.

But if you don't mind my asking, we continue to covet some serious prayer.  Here are my two biggest requests...

  • No more delays.  Please pray that this begins to move along smoothly for us.  It has been such a rocky road.  We sure would love a little good luck.
  • And most importantly, pray that she wants a family.  She has loss in her life.  Every orphan does.  Pray that she wants a family and that we are able to answer this hope for her.  We will be tearing her away from her culture and home and friends and everything familiar.  We will bring more loss.  But we will also offer so much and we just pray that she already wants that.

Okay.  That was a good update.  Let's have more like that.