Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Let me backtrack…

Two weeks ago on Thursday, we began to hear rumors that the committee that matches families and children in Burundi had met the week before. And the world just seemed to stop for us.  Were we one of the families who had received a referral?  Our agency confirmed they had met and told us that our contact there was trying to find out if we had a referral.

His meeting Friday was rescheduled for the next week.  Longest.  Weekend.  Ever.
He went Tuesday, but the paperwork wasn't ready.
Grenades had been thrown in the city during the week, so he didn't go in on Wednesday.

Thursday, February 18th.

We had been on pins and needles all week.  We were all on edge and our hearts were in our throats.  We were barely able to focus on anything.  I was obsessively checking my email.  Like, ever 2 minutes.  We were just so so ready.

I had some things to do at our other house, so I had grabbed my dear friend Carla and dragged her along with me.  We ran our errands and grabbed a cup of coffee.  As we were walking out of Starbucks, my phone chimed from a new email coming in.  (I had set it up to do that during my obsessive checking.)  It was from our agency.

Hi Leslee,

I have some good news to share but I don't have a lot of details. Is there a good time we could talk on the phone today? :)

I was standing in the middle of the parking lot shaking.  I knew it.  What else could it be?  I shot her a quick email saying I could talk right then. We got in the car and I started to pull out of my spot when Carla started insisting that I call right that second.

Somehow I didn't wreck the car and Carla and I drove around crying and shaking and talking to the agency. We had been matched.  MATCHED.  We were only given her name and age, but we didn't really care.  MATCHED.

Anthony was with a client and I needed to go pick Matthias up from preschool, so I took Carla home (by the way, she was the perfect person for me to receive that call with me and I can't imagine receiving it alone) and headed to the preschool to try and FaceTime Anthony during his 10 minute break between clients and before I had to get Matthias.

He picked up the 3rd try.

We both just cried and laughed and stared at each other.  And then had to hang up after only 2 minutes.  But we had made plans to check the kids out from school as soon as he was done with his next client and tell them all together.

And they were awesome.  And we celebrated with some ice cream.

Because this is actually going to happen.  We are really going to have one more child.  And did I mention that she is six?!  Because she is.  She is six.

We don't have any pictures yet, or really any other information.  (I've been obsessively checking my email once again as we wait for that.) But I've connected with another mom who is over in Africa right now getting her twins that lived at the same shelter and have been at least learning a little of what life is like there for my girl.  Because you guys, we are MATCHED.  And we are still flying high.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sometimes we cry.

I was just trying to tell him about this great bid we had gotten on some work we need done at the other house.  I called his phone, but he didn't pick up.  I waited a little bit and tried again.  Still nothing.  I knew he wasn't with a client so I sent him a text to tell him I was trying to reach him because sometimes he forgets to put his ringer back on.  A few minutes later I tried once more because I knew he only had a small window of time before he was busy again.  Nothing.  So I made lunch for Matthias and sat down to eat with him.

The phone rang and it was Anthony.

"Guess what?"
I told him about the bid.
"Oh?  I thought you'd be more excited."
"I am.  It's just that when I saw you kept trying to reach me, I thought maybe you had heard something about the adoption."

And I could hear in his voice that he was crying.  And I started to cry.  I've done that a lot over the years, but it was the first time I heard him break.  My heart still hurts just thinking about it.

This time last year we registered both Matthias and Lydia for preschool.  We thought for sure she would be home by the end of this year and wanted to make sure she had a spot.  And this week we re-registered Matthias and I didn't even bother to mention her because sometimes to hope is to hurt.

And that's where we are at right now.
And sometimes that makes us cry.