Sunday, April 26, 2015

Prayers for Burundi.

Please join us in praying for Burundi.

It has been announced that the current president will be seeking re-election this June, despite the belief held by many that this is unconstitutional. Thousands have already fled in anticipation of violence.

This is scary stuff.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


The friends that we have in Rwanda are so important to us.

the Mbandas
the Mbanda's house in Musanze
They making visiting so easy, so doable.  We never even stayed in a hotel for our visit which is such a luxury.  They keep our connection to Rwanda strong, which as we help Nate form a connection to his birth country and his story, is so essential.

with the Burnfields
the Burnfield's girls
the Burnfield's house in Kigali
Plus, they are amazing people and we are hugely blessed to know them.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Traditional Village.

Oh how we loved visiting the traditional village…and it is an important place because it not only provides cultural information but also income for the people in the area that would otherwise be seeking income through poaching the beloved gorillas in the area.

Since I already posted a number of pictures from our time there, I figured I would just use this post to share some of the videos I took.  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Hope Homes.

This was such a highlight for our trip.  The girls had an absolute blast playing with the kids who were only to willing to grab onto our girls and take off running.

The new house is beautiful.

As are the animals…

The land…

And the people…

This is part of our family and spending time with them is such a gift.  I'm not sure we will ever be able to fully reconcile the knowledge that this would have been Nate's life if we hadn't adopted him.  It will always seem very surreal I think.  It reminds us that we did not save Nathan, but that he would have lived a very happy life (these kids EXUDE happiness) without us.  Yes, it would have been different.  He would have had the loss of parents and a traditional nuclear family and a slew of advantages that we provide, to deal with, but he has loss being in our family too, and being there reminds us of that.  They share language and culture and history, all things that Nate lost.

But for whatever reason, God allowed Nate to join our family, drastically changing the life that he lives.  (And ours!!)  So, staying connected to NHHs is just one of the ways that we try to bridge together those lives for him.  It's a bit messy even trying to explain this in words.  I think that until you stand there hand in hand with one of those children, it's hard to understand.  But this life in Rwanda that he left is important too and I can't even begin to tell you how thankful we are that we are still able to be so connected to it.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Well this week we have sent 4 kids off to school, I have gone to my ballet class, and the afternoons have been spent snuggling Matthias on the couch and catching up on life.  In other words, life is back to normal…whether we like it or not!  Anyway, so now that our internet is working, I'm going to try and spend the next few days sharing about the rest of our trip.

First up…Sonrise.

Sonrise is the boarding school that the New Hope Home kids attend and also where we attended a graduation our first full day in Musanze.  The school is one of the best in Rwanda and even had the top student in Rwanda this year.  We were really impressed with all that we learned about it and hope to find a way to get more involved in it in the future.

The graduation itself was really fun to attend, but I think the highlight for us was the dancing that the students did.

This kid was AMAZING.
And what was even better was there was a group of girls from Burundi who danced!  In fact, Burundi came up time and again and we felt so encouraged by how much the Rwandas we talked to embraced Burundi as very similar to Rwanda.  "Practically the same." was what we were told time and again, which just served to confirm for us that we have chosen the right place to adopt from.

Here is the video we took of the Burundian girls dancing.  Notice the Mbandas and Bishop John (get his book on amazon) joining in the fun!