Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Where we are at today...

So, I realized that in my quiet this fall I haven't even said where we are seeking to adopt from!  Drumroll please…


Never heard of it?  Well, it is just south of Rwanda and similar in size and culture and history...

Look, our first choice would have been Rwanda, for sure, BUT Rwanda isn't a possibility today and we felt certain this summer that it was time to move forward with another adoption.  We looked at all the other countries surrounding Rwanda (Tanzania, you need to live in the country), Uganda (too many issues to make it feel right), Democratic Republic of the Congo (WAY too many issues) and Burundi.

Burundi had no issues, but the program is small.  As in tiny.  As in from 1999 - 2013, only 19 adoptions have been completed by US families.  That's compared to over 14,000 from Ethiopia in the same amount of time.  So, like I said, tiny.

But it immediately felt right.  In fact, it felt really similar to how Rwanda was when we adopted Nate.  And we have felt such a peace over it all.

We are working with an agency this go around, since Burundi is Hague accredited and therefore requires that.  But considering we don't know anyone in Burundi personally, like we did with Rwanda, we would have needed an agency to work with anyway.  For us, that provides some comfort in knowing that we don't have to figure everything out, and also some extra stress since we don't have hands in everything.  We are trying to lean more into the comfort of it.

And we are excited.  SO excited.  To be moving towards our girl after 4 years of uncertainty.  We don't have any idea as to how long the adoption will take, but we have hope that we will at the very least get to see a picture of her sweet face by the end of this year.  How amazing is that thought?!

So where are we at in the process?  Well, our paperwork has been in Burundi since before Christmas and I just heard from our agency a couple of minutes ago (literally, I had to come back and edit this) that our paperwork came out of translation and was submitted to the central authority last week!!

Well, so that's it!  Pretty exciting stuff.  Just think, there is a little girl in Burundi whom I will one day be able to call my daughter.  A little girl who is facing so much loss and heartbreak and for whatever reason God is allowing our family to come alongside her and help her to heal from some of life's deep wounds.  Mind-blowing.

So pray for her.  And pray for Burundi.  And thanks for supporting us through our journey.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Another worthwhile documentary.

I love documentaries.  I find people fascinating and enjoy glimpses into the intricacies of people's thoughts and lives.  And I love the way that they make me think about my own life...

Over a year ago, I posted some trailers from a documentary that hadn't been released yet in the US called, The Dark Matter of Love.  Well, it is now available on Netflix and is absolutely worth watching.  So do it.  Watch it.


I've been quiet on this blog, which seems strange considering we are actually in the throws of an adoption right now, but that's been in part because my mind was really swimming this fall and I never felt like I could really express all that I was thinking, but I'm hoping to change that.  There are things that I want to say and share and record for myself…so stay tuned and in the meantime watch a documentary that stretches your mind!

Oh, and then recommend a film to me!!