Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh how it hurts.

Last night Anthony and I were talking about what had happened in Sandy Hook.  We hadn't really been able to talk about it yet because we didn't let our children know what had happened.  I guess we just think that there are times to just allow your kids to be kids.  We certainly try to make them aware, but I just didn't need to tell my kindergartner that a bunch of little kids her age were killed...she just wanted to play with the gift wrap tubes that she and Nate brought home from Nana's and I was glad that I could just let my kid be a kid.

So in the quiet of the evening, with Dateline on in the background, we talked about the awfulness of it all.

At one point, I turned to him and commented about how what keeps coming back to me is how I can't shake the thought that there are so many kids that experience this as a part of their everyday throughout the world.  How there were kids that same age who watched their families slaughtered by their neighbors and hid in the jungle, running for their lives...that that was the reality in Rwanda, those hills that we love.  And how that is the reality for so many other children.

It hurts my heart.  It makes my stomach churn.  I want my children to know how blessed they are to have lived lives spared of so much tragedy and to pray for those that are exposed to so much.

Oh how thankful I am that I believe in a God who grieves this more than I ever could and yet still has hope.

Thursday, December 13, 2012


So this is Dorcus.  She is the lovely little lady whose schooling we are paying for this year.  I adore her.

The kids have been slowly earning their half of her tuition the last few weeks.  Adele is still working on her scarves, Nate and Lucy did some yard work for my dad, we sold some cookies (Elise's specialty) to family members and friends, and we have a box of books waiting to sell to a bookstore.

With a little more than $200 to go at the beginning of the week, I decided to have the girls tell their teachers about it and see if they wanted to buy some cookies.  Ummm....

On Monday, both Adele and Elise came home with orders from their teachers.  I emailed Lucy's teacher (Lu isn't one to initiate that kind of conversation) and she ordered some too.  Adele's teacher thought the idea was amazing and had Adele tell her class and sent an email to the rest of the staff.  When Adele came home from school yesterday, she had a list of 36 orders!!!!!  What?!  So crazy!!

So we got our bake on yesterday...

And I included a little note with the recipe for each purchase...

And now we are working in the surplus (!) and are able to give more money to chip away at one of the other kid's tuition! So so amazing.

'Tis the season indeed!!!!