Monday, June 11, 2012

This Lady.

I sure do love this lady.  She's a part of our family.  My african mama.  My dear friend.  She is part of our family story.  She loved my son before I could.  She held him as a baby when I couldn't.  She was the one who took him in when he needed a home.  Just the thought of her brings so much joy into my life.

Chantal was in town and we got to snag her for a couple of hours for lunch and catching up and tears and hugs. It was just wonderful.

To see Chantal with Nate...I can't even explain what it means to my heart.  I can't explain how it warms me. There is something so right about having them together.  She finds such joy in him.  She is so proud of him.  She loves him.  When I see them together I wonder how Nathan will look at her as he grows older.  If he will feel a special connection with her.

And Chantal, I truly feel it means so much to her to see him with us all.  To see how we love him, how he is one of us.  To see how he plays with Lucy and goes nuts when his dad got there.  To see how big and handsome he is. She has a mama's pride, you can see that.  And I hope that it encourages her heart.  The work that she does is amazing.  And she adores the kids at New Hope Homes.  She tries so hard to do what is best for them, even when that means letting them she did Nate.

Oh how I love this lady.