Monday, January 9, 2012

January's Kinyarwanda

Okay, so here are the words I am working on this month...

1. Compassion/mercy: Imbabazi (EemBahBahzi) I'm cheating a little on this one because I knew this word (it is the name of one of the NHH kids) I just didn't know what it meant
2. Family: Miryango (MeerYahnGo)
3. One: Rimwe (ReemWay)
4. Two: Kabiri
5. Three: Gatatu (GahTahToo)

6. Four: Kane (KahNay)
7. Five: Gatanu
8. Six: Gatandatu
9. Seven: Karindwi
10. Eight: Umunane
11. Nine: Icyenda (
12. Ten: Icumi

The numbers are all in my downloaded lessons, so I know them pretty well now. In fact, I know all 12 pretty well. Perhaps I should add some more!! That gets me to 27 words...more than a quarter of the way to 100 and it is only January 9th!

I'm already adding just makes sense to do this...

13. January: Mutarama (MooTahRahMah)