Monday, April 25, 2011

Rwanda Trip

So, I mentioned recently that I am going back to Rwanda this summer. (I will be travelling in July, leaving here on the 15th and coming back on the 24th.) I'm actually travelling with a group from my church that will explore our relationship with New Hope Homes (where Nate lived) and how we can deepen our partnership with them. I'm really excited about being able to be on the team that gets in there and helps figure out how best our Kansan church can come alongside the work that they are doing and support them.

There are nine of us on the team going and we are currently taking time to plan out our trip, think through how we can approach them in a manner that would be most beneficial, learn more about the country of Rwanda, and raise money for the trip.

Support raising...okay, so Anthony and I lived on support when we worked with a campus ministry early on in our marriage and I have to say that those two words really make my skin crawl. BUT that being said, while I have every intention of paying for my entire trip, I would still love to form a team that will be praying over our trip and for those of you who wanted to pitch in financially, let you know that if you want to give, it will go into a pot that will help my teammates raise the money for their tickets also.

So, if you would like to join us in either (or both) ways, just email me at Rwanda trip in the subject. I'll get right back to you with details.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"Forgiveness is not human, it's DIVINE"

17 years ago today, a plane carrying President Habyarimana of Rwanda was shot down. That event caused an eruption of mass killings that we have now come to call the Rwandan Genocide. Somewhere between 800,000 and 1,000,000 Rwandans were killed in the next 100 amazing percentage of this tiny African nation were just wiped out. People who had once been family, friends, and neighbors, turned on each other and created crimes that are too horrific to think about.

But it happened. And we can't forget that. We can't forget that as humans we are that close to complete tradgedy. We can't think that we are somehow above what happened there...these people were not less human than us. These people are my son's people and he is just as beautifully human as us prideful Westerners. And we are just as heartbreakingly fallen as those that wielded machettes during those 100 days. And we need to remember that.

We need to remember not only so that we can learn from what happened, but so that we can wonder at the incredible healing and reconciliation that is occurring there now. If we don't understand the pain, we can't possible understand how amazing the hope is that now exists in Rwanda.

There is a documentary that you MUST watch. It is about Rwanda and reconciliation, but more importantly it is about the human spirit and what it means to forgive. Do yourself a favor, watch it and allow God to teach you about what forgiveness truly is.

Here is the trailer... As We Forgive