Thursday, January 13, 2011

Passing it on...

A couple of days ago I was looking at a blog that had an entry about an adoption and there was this picture of two little black kids on the screen. Lucy walked over to me, looked at the screen and said, "Who are those kids?" "I'm not sure, but they live in a country in Africa." "Oh, are we going to adopt them?"

That's my girl.

Tonight Elise and I went to the airport because the parents of a little girl from her kindergarten class were coming home from Ethiopia with her new brother. Elise could hardly contain herself and nearly lost it when they got off the plane. She was completely mesmerized by this little boy and is probably in about all of this family's pictures. She just couldn't keep her hands off of him. Then, all of a sudden she walked over to me with tears streaming down her face. I bent down and asked her what was wrong and she told me how sad she was that it wasn't us bringing home her brother and sister. I picked her up, held her, and we just cried.

On the carride home, she cued in to my emotions and began just weeping for a brother and sister that she has never met. So, we turned the radio off and we prayed for them. And we prayed for Rwanda. And we cried. And we thanked God that He knows our future as a family.

They are getting it. And I am so proud.