Sunday, October 24, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Well, it's that time of year. That time of year when I am continually checking my blog to remember what was going on at this time in 2008.

Two years ago today I met my son. There are so many memories and thoughts that have rolled through my mind today, but more than anything I have sat in that strange tension of being amazed that two years have already come and gone and yet not being able to even fathom life before him. The whole thing seems like a weird dream. I look at this little guy, his dark skin such a contrast to the rest of ours and I am amazed at his journey. My son is African...I am still in awe over that fact.

So today was a special day for Nate and I...our anniversary. The others met him on November 5th...our family Gotcha Day, but today, well today is ours. I decided tonight that from here on out I am going to take him on a date on this day, our day. He may not need to celebrate it, but I do. I hope he'll understand, or at least humor me.

I love you Nate. I loved you then, even though you were really a stranger to me, and I love more and more each day as I get to know the wonderful little man that you are.