Thursday, July 29, 2010

A couple of things...

If you follow our family blog you know that on Saturday my husband, Anthony, had a grand mal seizure. Crazy scary. Anyway, so we are now learning all about his condition and have learned that his type of epilepsy is genetic. So, as the girls reach their teen years we have a few things to be looking out for.

I was talking about it with the older girls the other day and mentioned the whole idea of genetics and how they are each a little part of daddy and so they may have seizures like him someday, just like they have his eye color etc. Then I asked them who in our family didn't have to ever think about it and they understood me, but the whole idea of Nate not sharing genetics was a bit tough for them. Anyway, it was an interesting conversation.

The other thing that I wanted to blog about happened at Wal-mart yesterday. Anthony was stopped by this black lady who inquired about Nate. She was super sweet and told us how amazing she thought it was. I have to tell you that I have ALWAYS wondered what the black population here thinks about us. In Africa they were a little more open with what they thought. = ) And while I'm sure not everyone thinks it's "amazing", to know that at least she did meant a lot.