Wednesday, September 30, 2009

hi again!

It has been so long since I have has just gotten away from us...but being an adoptive mom is never far from my mind and is a constant part of my conversations. So know my heart hasn't left!!

The other day I was looking at the blog to see what was going on a year ago. September 26th marked a year from when our lawyer emailed us to let us know that the judge's decision was in and Nate was legally ours. We took out all the kids to celebrate. It also marked Nate's having been in my care for exactly half his he has been in my care the majority of his life and there is just something so sweet about the thought of that.

It's crazy to think that we are nearing a year now and at the same time Anthony and I have talked about how we are itching to adopt again. We are so excited about the idea of adding to our family, to having a different experience of an open domestic adoption, to having a newborn in the house again...

We aren't exactly sure when we will enter the process again, but we are thinking that we'll start getting our homestudy together again sometime next summer. We'd do it sooner, but we are busy with building a house this year...we need more room to house all these little monsters! But once that house is built...

Adopting more than one child is important to us. We want Nate to have someone that has a shared experience with him. We want him to have a brother, a sibling that looks a bit more similar to him than we do, someone else who will understand what it means to be's important.

Anyway, so there will be another journey to blog about...stay tuned!