Monday, January 19, 2009

Another small change.

This may sound strange to some of you, but the other day I realized that Nate didn't smell anymore. I was sitting there holding him, when all of a sudden I teared up and told Anthony, "he doesn't smell anymore".

It's not that Nate had smelled bad, but I remember when I got him saying to my friends that I couldn't wait for him to start smelling like us so that I could no longer smell him. Do you know what I mean? And it took a long time. I remember in those first few weeks when we were home still breaking down and crying because he just didn't smell like us yet. He still smelled like the little orphan boy and I desperately wanted that to change.

So, now the smell is gone. And now I am noticing that I think less and less of him as the little boy that we adopted from Africa. There are still moments when it really strikes me, when I am so aware of how far removed from the life he was born into he is. And I'm sure that there will always be times in the future when it hits me...graduations, weddings, when he goes out on the court for his first basketball game as a Jayhawk. (Okay, so I'm dreaming a bit, but what Kansan doesn't?!) And I have to say that I want to continue to have those moments. They are so important. To remember. To be able to see the work God has done in this. But at the same time...I'm glad he doesn't smell anymore.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's about time!

So, I guess it is about time I updated! I'm sorry I'm just now getting to it. My brain has been in such a fog...

I just messaged my friend Kiki. She had sent me a note the other day asking how things have been going...I thought you all might be wondering too. So...

Things have continued to get better and better. More than two months have passed since Nate and I came home. It's crazy. Two months of waiting seemed to go on and on. And now as I look back, I'm stuck with that strange feeling of being amazed that it has already been two months, while at the same time feeling like life without Nathan was so long ago.

So many changes have happened in the last two months. Nate just seems to change by the minute. Some of the things seem big, others little. Some others wouldn't notice, while they just blow me away.

Anyway, so I figured I would share a few with you...

Cruising: When I was first with Nate at the end of October, he wasn't even a steady crawler, but now he is all over the place and into everything. "No, Nate" is heard all day long in our house. Even Lucy (a girl of still only a few words) reminds him of the things he shouldn't touch with a loud "No, Nay!".

Eating: I have wondered if Nate was only spoon fed before he was with us, because he had absolutely no fine motor skills, but now he's doing so much self feeding, which as the mother of four hungry children, is a huge deal!

Health: We are still working on his congestion, but it is way better and the spit up is almost completely gone. Only someone who has cared for a spitty baby can appreciate how exhausting cleaning spit up can be, especially when the babe is mobile.

Teeth: He has four new ones, which incidentally came in at the same time as four of Lucy's. That was fun.

Laughing: This is one of those things for me. You see, I remember those first few days trying to get him to smile. And I remember the first time when my tickling finally succeeding in producing a laugh. It filled my heart so much then. It still does that now.

Bonding: In some ways it was easy to bond at first. Well, not the first 24 hours maybe, but during our time in Africa at least. I think that we needed to because we were all each other had. We were both scared and overwhelmed...but now, we are bonding not out of survival, but because we are mother and son. We drive each other crazy one moment and the next we are cuddling or playing a game. And with the girls, well, the older girls it has always been easy with, but seeing how far Nate and Lucy have come is so amazing. Lucy is in a kissing stage and Nate is always ready to lay a sloppy one on ya', so they have become quite the little pair! (I'll try to capture and post a pic on the family blog soon.) And they are just beginning to play together so well. There's just nothing quite like seeing your kids become friends.

So, is good here at the Dummermuths. Not perfect, constantly changing and truly sweet.