Thursday, August 28, 2008


Just a quick update as to where we are in the process...

Next week is when we hope that things will really start rolling for us. Hopefully Kiki will be picking Nathan up and taking him to the doctor for us to have some medical reports made. I'm going to ask her to take some pictures of him for us too, so hopefully I'll have some new ones to post next week.

Kiki will also be getting all the other paperwork that she will be needing to start going to all the offices and courts that she needs to in the early part of next week. Pray that there won't be any issues with the paperwork and that Kiki will be able to move quickly through the process. She has about five things on her list to do for us (six including the doctor's appointment) and she leaves town on September 18th until October 5th. Our hope is that she will have gotten all that she needs to done so that I can schedule our flights to head out there as soon as she gets back in October. When I look at the list it seems so very possible, but prayer is greatly needed. You just never know what bumps may lie ahead.

And pray for Kiki too. She has a family and a life outside of us that she needs to tend to and she has not been feeling well this week. We need to lean heavily on her right now. Pray God gives her the strength she needs.

So, hopefully next week we will have some good things to report! And pictures...I can't wait to have some more pictures.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Came and went...

Our approval letter finally came today. There was a slip in our door when the girls and I got home from the park this morning for something that we needed to sign for. I quickly called Anthony and had him run over to the post office and get it, just hoping that it was finally our letter. And it actually came.

And now it is on its way back to Africa. We (after a celebratory lunch with my folks) took it and our power of attorneys to the post office and mailed them to our friend Kiki who will be doing a lot of our leg work over in Rwanda. Finally we can begin the process of the actual adoption...another step closer to having our son home.

The last few days have been really tough. One of my sister-in-law's was over the other night and was talking about her cousin's baby who is Nate's age. She was saying how he is pulling up on things...I wonder what Nathan is doing. I hate that I am missing things. I'm ready to go now. I don't want to miss another moment. We're praying for speed and efficiency in these finally stages. We're so ready to have him here with us.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another picture.

So, here is another more recent pic of our little man. My dear friend Anna is the one holding him. Anna goes to our church and is close friends with Chantal. She just got back from visiting Chantal and was there when things were falling into place for us, so when she held him in this picture she was pretty sure that he was going to be our son. Pretty awesome, huh?

I went over to her house today after church and we chatted about things and she gave me this picture. It was so great to sit down with her, someone who has cuddled my son, and ask her questions about him. Sounds like he is such a sweet little baby. Although I do use "little" lightly. If he isn't already bigger than Lu, I have a feeling he will be soon!

Oh, and a fun little fact about this picture is that right after it was taken, Nate spit up all over Anna and she smelled for the rest of the day. Sounds like one of my babies! = )

Friday, August 8, 2008

Meet our Nathan...

What a dream we are in. We feel so blessed. We finally have a face to a boy that we have loved for so many years. It's a beautiful face. And that hair! Elise calls it his "crazy hair".

We don't have many details about our sweet boy yet, but I promise to post them as soon as we do. We think he was born sometime at the end of November last year, so that would make him about 8 months old. We are just so excited to learn more about him and still can't believe that this is really happening.

We're still ironing out the details as to when I will be going over to get him. But for now we are just enjoying the chance to look at his sweet face, to show the girls their brother...Adele and Elise are just so excited and keep asking to see a picture of their "baby brother" again...and to begin thinking about life as a family of six. It's truly amazing. We are truly blessed.

I'm including a couple of pictures of him when he was smaller. He came to New Hope Homes when he was a week old, so there is a picture of him then. I also found one of him when he is about two months old. We are so lucky to have pictures of him when he was small. I'm just overwhelmed right now.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Deep Breath.

Approved...actually "non objection", but whatever. So, this isn't the official, official word, that will come in the mail in a couple of weeks, but we have had it confirmed a couple of times now, so I feel confident enough to blog it.

I can't even begin to explain to you the chaos that has been the last 24 hours for us. The death drop of this roller coaster that we have been on since April. But now, we can take a deep breath. As it is looking right now, we won't be completing the adoption until later this fall, for a variety of reasons. But that's okay, we are glad to know that it is truly going to happen and we are going to enjoy this planning stage that we are now in.

God has truly blessed us. We will have our little Nate before we know it. And while I hate the fact that there is still going to be so much time before we will be able to hold him, we will hold him, and I praise God for that.

Friday, August 1, 2008


I met Melissa through the internet. Just found her through a group about adoption in Rwanda. Last fall, she adopted a little boy from the orphanage Anthony and I visited. Two other couples from her church have also adopted from there. She and her friends have been an absolute wealth of information and I know in my heart that God has used her in so many ways to help us through this. Her encouragement, her prayers, her advice, her insight...simply priceless.

Today is one of those days where I have really just thanked God for her. After discovering that the email address I had was wrong today, I sent some emails to my contacts in Rwanda and then called Melissa. She got right on it and after talking with the other couples from her church, was able to get me the right address. My email is now sitting in an Inbox in Rwanda, dying to be opened, read, and responded to.

Melissa has also been a reality check for me time and again. So, rather than expecting to hear back Monday, I'll be looking for their decision on Tuesday. That's just how things are.

I hope that I get to meet Melissa in person someday. I hope our sons get to play together. I'm thankful to be able to share this journey with someone who has been there. Someone who truly understands my heart, my struggles. Someone whose joy I hope to understand soon, when I get to hold my son the way she has held her own.

Another day...

The answer always seems to be another day. When I finally heard from Chantal today, it was that I was to call a certain lady in the Minister's office to get her email address so that I can email her so that she can email me their decision. I know, I know...

So, I called her. (Don't have international calling on our phone, but did it anyway...twice.) We finally seemed to be able to get things communicated that I would email her and on MONDAY she would check the decision when she was in her office and email me back. Of course, the email address that we fought to communicate with each other through our language barrier ended up being wrong and now I have all my friends that might be able to find out the real address, running around trying to see if they can get it. I just don't have the heart to try calling again.

I'm disappointed. I haven't slept well the last two nights. I've had so many dreams and just been restless. MONDAY. I want to hope, but it's hard. I'll keep hoping anyway, but today my heart is sick...again.